Solidar Suisse Is Trying Just a Little Too Hard With ‘Dancing Sepp’ Video, But Watch Anyway

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Solidar Suisse, the Switzerland-based arm of a Euro network of groups working for social justice, is trying to bring attention to issues of exploitation in Brazil. Specifically, Solidar Suisse would like you to know about injustice caused by FIFA’s showpiece event, the World Cup. In order to make you aware, the group has put together this viral campaign video we’ll call “Sepp Gone Wild.”

We’re not one to downplay a cause. SOLIDAR clearly has a point about the situation on the ground in Brazil. But this video is pretty bad. Just about the only thing it has going for it is a decent makeup job on the dancing Sepp double.

We’re not sure the video is going to come close to “viral” status, but visit the campaign’s site,, anyway.

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