Some Ex-Footballers Played ‘Golfoot’, Which Is Golf With Soccer Balls

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time people have played golf with soccer balls, and I’m pretty sure that past efforts have involved famous footballers. Still, it’s funny to see guys you recognize (in this case it’s Teddy Sheringham, Christian Karembeu, Blaise N’Kufo) dressed in shorts, argyle knee-high socks, and little hats while kicking balls into over-sized holes on a golf course.

The event took place at a golf course in Lausanne, Switzerland, with the proceeds from the event going to charity.

Christian Karembeu lines up a putt.

Teddy Sheringham has an excellent golfoot short game. Possibly.

It would be hilarious if Teddy fell into the hole. Just sayin’.

The guy on the right is Blaise N’Kufo, former Swiss international and Seattle Sounder.

Christian Karembeu spends more time in the sand than Hasselhoff.

Christian Karembeu does the gentlemanly thing and rakes out the trap.

Goal! Oh wait…HOLE!


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