Sounders Owner Joe Roth Thinks Sir Alex Ferguson Is A Lying Jerk

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

There are plenty of people in soccer who don’t like Sir Alex Ferguson. Some are connected with Manchester United’s historic rivals. Some grudges are more modern, brought on by competitive rivalry. Some are just racist against the Scottish. And then there’s Seattle Sounders owner Joe Roth.

Roth claims that Fergie broke a deal to go easy on each other in the second half of their summer friendly, instead bringing on Wayne Rooney and going nuts all over the Sounders’ scrubs.

According to the Seattle Times:

In Tuesday’s business meeting, majority owner Joe Roth said Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson broke a “gentlemen’s agreement” during a summer friendly, which the Sounders embarrassingly lost 7-0 in front of 67,052 at CenturyLink Field. Calling him “Sir Alex Whatever-His-Name-Is,” Roth said the agreement was to play starters in the first half and reserves in the second half. After halftime, Man U instead substituted in superstar forward Wayne Rooney, who scored three of the visitors’ six goals in the second half.

We theorize that Sir Alex Ferguson knew what he was doing all along, but wanted revenge for Joe Roth’s movie studio financing White Chicks. That movie sucked.

And note to Roth: Joe, if you’re going to insult someone by pretending to forget their name, maybe don’t start by calling them “sir?”

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