Sporting KC Goes All NASCAR On Us

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Maybe some of you will be surprised about this, but we at KCKRS aren’t really NASCAR people. Now, we’re not going to be petty and say its boring or anything like that (Heck knows we’ve seen our fair share of 0-0 draws in soccer), it’s just not our thing. But if there’s anything that could change that, it’s this.

That’s the body for the Sporting Kansas City car that will run in the Kansas Lottery 300, driven by James Buescher. In addition, Buescher and several Kansas City players will swap places, with Buescher training with the team on Thursday, and the players joining the pit crew for the race on Saturday, which will take place across the street from Livestrong Park at the Kansas Speedway.

We can only hope this ultimately culminates in some sort of sitcom switcheroo shenanigans where a Kansas City player, preferably Jimmy “White Puma” Nielsen, ends up driving the car in the middle of the race. And a monkey is involved. A monkey needs to be involved.

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