Sprint Tries to Cheer on Youth Soccer Team, Internet Acts Like a Jerk

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

A girls’ youth soccer team from Connecticut had zero wins last season. Sprint set up a facebook page and texting number so strangers can send messages of support, a nice idea in concept.

It’s a rather touching way of advertising how technology can bring people together to do something really heartwarming.

Or rather, it would have been, were the internet not, well, the internet.

While the Facebook page in support of the South Windsor Thunder is littered with messages of support, some of the posters may have missed the point of the ad. Or are just jerks.

Mixed among the well-intentioned shows of encouragement are wall posts like these, against whom the team’s poor coach has chosen to argue (protip: Don’t feed the trolls):

Even messages of support have been given the “Internet dickbag” treatment:

Even some well meaning posts missed the mark, offering vague, barely literate tactical advice:

Advising violence:

Or even giving advice that will inevitably end up with attempted murder charges:


This is why we can’t have nice things, internet.

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