Steve Kean Has Never Seen His New Signings Play

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Around Blackburn, Steve Kean is slightly less popular than cholera. Seen by many Rovers fans as a bumbling idiot that got their team relegated through his incompetence, his latest admission, that he has never seen his three newest players actually, you know, play, isn’t going to do much for his popularity with the Ewood Park faithful.

Speaking to BBC Radio Lancashire, Kean explained that he had never actually watch Polish keeper Grzegorz Sandomierski or Portuguese duo Nuno Henrique and Diogo Rosado play soccer.

I’ve not seen them play live. They’re in the club now and we can have a real look at them.

These players have been identified by Shebby and he’s been very excited about the technical abilities of these players. You can’t have too many good players.

We feel as though we can improve any player that comes to the club and also integrate them as quickly as possible. If they show the signs that they can compete straight away, they’ll get thrown in.

Kean has put himself in a no-win situation here. If the players fail to impress, he’s going to get the blame for not doing due diligence. If they succeed, he’s already given the credit to Rovers’ Director of Football Shebby Singh, and it’s not like the fanbase was inclined to praise him in the first place.

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