Stolen Painting Worth €1,200,000 Turns Up In Former Juventus Star’s House

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

A million dollar painting stolen a decade ago from an American yacht anchored in an Italian port has turned up at the home for former Juventus star Roberto Bettega. The painting, called “Le Nu au Bouquet” is a 1920 work by Russian Jewish painter Marc Chagall. It’s valued at €1.2 million.

Despite appearances, Bettega is not guilty of knowingly buying a stolen painting. The former footballer, currently the deputy director general at Juventus, bought the painting—he believed legitimately—in 2003 from a Bologna gallery later found to be a clearing house for stolen work. The thieves responsible for the crime managed to swap out the real Chagall work for a fake.

Source: GlobalPost

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