Streaker At Dolce & Gabbana Show Wanted To Bring Football To Fashion

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

At a Dolce & Gabbana runway show in Milan last Saturday, some guy went streaking. The reason for the display, perpetrated by a man revealed to the world as “Miky The Streaker”, who is connected to the German men’s fashion blog Dandy Diary, was simply to bring the football tradition of streaking to the world of high fashion. Dandy Diary called the campaign #fashionooball and produced this video that turns Miky’s streaking into a football match-like event, complete with commentary.

Turns out Dolce & Gabbana was among the first brands to seat bloggers in the front row of shows, giving Dandy Diary and Miky the perfect platform for the streaking display. After being escorted away by security, Miky was released. No one took the whole thing very seriously, and reports are that Miky might get an invite to Dolce & Gabbana’s next show. Everyone had a laugh.

Who are we to argue that fashion needs a bit of football in it?

The concept for the #fashionooball campaign (fellas, that hashtag needs some work) was somehow called “aesthetic” by Dandy Diary.

Today, on Saturday 22 June 2013, a streaker from DANDY DIARY promptly ended the fashion show of Italian brand DOLCE & GABBANA.The idea of streaking, that has been a popular concept in the world of football for some decades now has been introduced to the fashion world for the first time in history.

There have been very prominent references to sport in the fashion world for years. However, we are taking the principle of fusing fashion and sports further than just looking at it from an aesthetic point of view. By introducing the streaker we have infused a ritual from the world of sports into a fashion context: The fan’s autonomous, anti-elite participation at the event. Inclusion through taking part – in our case: Joining by streaking.

Lionel Messi, he of the new slightly odd Dolce & Gabbana underwear campaign, was there to take in the…scenery.

Miky’s colleague, Jakob Haupt, went to great lengths to pull the fashion and football worlds together.

“The fact that Milan was the location for the Dolce & Gabbana show while also being a city with football-crazy people in a football-crazy country is very fortunate,” says Haupt. “Our gratitude can probably only go to the football god.”

#fashionooball you guys.


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