Street Smarts: Four Indoor Boots That Look Great On Or Off The Field

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

It’s November and soon enough, all of your soccer playing needs will move to indoor to boarded turf fields and basketball courts. That means that it’s time for some new boots and KCKRS is here to give you four footwear options that will look fantastic on your feet as you walk into the arena, score a few goals, and walk out for a night on the town.

Nike5 Street Gato

The all-purpose shoe that Nike say you can use anywhere “from hard-hitting pickup games to laid-back matches at the beach.” The Street Gato is a hard court boot that can be used indoor or out and manage to look phenomenal with a bit of casual dress if you’re off to drinks after the match.

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Umbro Special R

Prefer playing on a turf field? The Umbros come in turf and indoor varieties and you’ll have to agree that these just look plain smart. Continuing Umbro’s fantastic design principles of late, the Speciali R delivers a look that is, for lack of a better word, class.

Want the Umbro Speciali R on your feet?

Adidas Top Sala

Not really into the clean and classic look? Adidas has you covered with their Top Sala indoor boot. What this one lacks in heritage-inspired design, it certainly makes up for in flash and flair. If you’re the kind of person that likes your footwear to be the first thing to catch the eye, the Top Sala might just be for you.

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Pelé Sports Radium

Are you a blue suede shoe type of person? The Radium from Pele Sports might be the boot for you. It combines a suede forefoot for better ball control with understated (despite it being blue and yellow) styling for a look that’s great just about anywhere.

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