Sweden’s Josefine Öqvist Gives Her Shirt To German Fan at Women’s World Cup

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

I love the Women’s World Cup. Not only is the quality of football absolutely tremendous, but there are also a ton of really nice ladies to look at. One of those ladies is Sweden’s Josefine Öqvist, who has been known to hang out in a bikini and get her picture taken from time to time.

After defeating North Korea 1-0 in group play, Josefine sauntered up to the stands to chat with some spectators. That’s when an opportunistic fan wearing a Germany shirt began to disrobe and offer the Swedish star a sexy shirt exchange. Definitely being aware of what she’s got to offer the male audience in the looks department, Josefine accepted the offer and sealed it with a kiss on the cheek. Sadly, the video above is very SFW, but you still get the gist of the events that took place and a very bewildered looking Asian baby.

Anybody got any extra tickets to the WWC?

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