The adidas Lionel Messi Collection And Signature adizero F50

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Soccer outfitters adidas has unveiled the Lional Messi signature collection of apparel and footwear, including Messi’s first signature soccer cleat. The Messi adizero F50 is super light (5.8 oz), super stylish (Messi logo) and super inspirational (it includes Messi’s personal mantra “give all for your team.” The boot is micoach compatible, allowing players to save up to 7 hours of data that can the be stored and shared via smart phone. Messi’s line of apparel includes a a black and matte silver woven jacket, training jersey, short and graphic tee. All with Messi’s logo, name, and personal mantra.

via adidas release:

“After setting a scoring world record and winning his fourth consecutive FIFA Ballon d’Or, Lionel Messi has truly earned icon status in the world of sports,” said Ernesto Bruce, director of soccer for adidas America. “We are proud to celebrate Messi’s accomplishments with a signature collection showcasing technology and design that mirror his ferocious speed and natural, fluid style of play. The adidas Messi collection brings together the best in performance technology with world class design.”

Fancy stuff:

Messi’s signature adizero F50 cleat features a textured and synthetic SPRINTSKIN upper designed to elevate performance in all weather conditions. This water wicking material and an elevated ridge patterning allows water to slide off the cleat rather than be absorbed—keeping the foot dry and the cleat light even in heavy rain. The cleat’s SPRINTFRAME adds support to the heel for stability in cuts and acceleration while a new internal SPRINTWEB provides exceptional ball control at high speeds and a supple but stable construction for ease of lateral movement.

Messi’s signature adizero F50 is available March 1st, but fans can preorder at

Sweet logo.

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