The Bahia State League’s Trophy Is A Model Of An Elevator

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

As trophies go, the Bahia State League of Brazil has one of the strangest. It’s an elevator, if that’s not clear. Specifically, it’s the iconic Lacerda Elevator of Salvador, the capital city of Bahia. Salvador is noted for an escarpment that divides the “Upper Town” from the “Lower Town”, and the Lacerda Elevator was built in 1873 to help residents navigate the divide.

Here’s the actual elevator.

And now you know why it merits being the model for the trophy of the Bahia State League.

This comes up, by the way, because John Ashdown included a note about the elevator trophy at The Guardian after Bahia (the club) won the Bahia championship. Ashdown goes on to mention that the Brazilian leagues have a penchant for trophies-in-the-style-of-buildings.

Here’s Bahia celebrating with the Lacerda Elevator trophy.

Featured image via @Cynegeticus on Twitter.

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