The Beckham Effect For PSG Really Won’t Be That Much, At Least In Shirt Sales

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

When (we’ve moved past if, I think) David Beckham is finally officially announced as a Paris Saint-Germain player at some point in the near future, most observers will see it as a marketing move on the part of the club’s Qatari owners. Sign up Goldenballs, the man that sold a million shirts, and watch the money roll in. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there will be all that much of it.

According to Andreas Ullmann, head of market intelligence at Cologne-based Sport+Markt AG, Beckham’s impact on the bottom line from shirt sales will only amount to 1.5 million euros in profits. Considering that Beckham’s salary will be a reported 800,000 a month, that’s a pretty paltry return on the investment.

Not that the small profit means signing Beckham is a bad idea – from the marketing side.

“There may not be millions and millions to earn, but there is a tangible effect,” Ullmann said in an interview. “At this stage in his career, you can’t compare his sporting impact to Messi or Ronaldo who will likely stay where they are for four or five years.”

Part of the problem is that clubs in Europe typically only get 20% of the cost of each shirt after a split of the revenue with the make and distributor and taxes are taken.

Experts say Nike can expect to sell an additional 50,000 to 100,000 shirts if Beckham joins PSG. At least that’s more than the reported 20,000 PSG already ordered.

It’s all down to Beckham’s age and the probability that he won’t be in Paris all that long. Why buy the shirt of a player who might not around in six months?

Source: BusinessWeek

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