The Blizzard Is A New “Pay As You Like” Footie Magazine

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The decline of print – I had to start it off with this when referencing any sort of printed matter – is something frequently referenced in the digital age. Regardless of topic, it has affected the majority of industries and I’m sure the likes of Four Four Two, MATCH! and World Soccer have not seen increased readership in some time. But with the demise of magazines in general, there has been a rise in both niche and lifestyle magazines and this holds true for soccer.

The Green Soccer Journal is one of our favorites for their beautiful pictorials and interesting approach to all things soccer-related that don’t happen on the pitch. But a new kid is on the block with quarterly publication, The Blizzard. Positioned as half book, half magazine, the content is not your run of the mill superficial stuff seen on the shelfs of footie mags at your local grocer. Instead in-depth tactics, history and culture are all dissected by a fine set of writers which will give you a good understanding of how broad and diverse soccer can really be.

This approach to content is paired with a special distrbution and selling method where you’re able to “pay as you like.” If you’re poor and pissed away your last fiver at the pub, pay close to nothing, but if you really value the publication, of course feel free to pay more. Issue One is available for those in New York at Nepenthes or else you can order both hard and digital copies here.

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