The Bulgarian Team Doctor Says Chernobyl Caused Stiliyan Petrov’s Cancer

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Many of our stories fall into the categories of “hilarious” and “farcical,” but this one isn’t that. It’s more like “bizarre” and “totally sucky.” The Bulgarian National Team’s long-serving team physician, Dr. Mihail Iliev, believes the Chernobyl disaster gave captain Stiliyan Petrov cancer.

Petrov, who is his country’s all-time most capped player and captain for both his country and his club, Aston Villa, was diagnosed with acute Leukemia earlier this season. Dr. Iliev blames Chernobyl, whose meltdown in 1986 caused radiation levels in Petrov’s hometown of Montana to be over 1,000 times higher than normal.

It was in the late spring, the population was eating fresh radioactive vegetables and other foods. Many people who were kids back then suffered cancer because of this. We called them The Chernobyl Kids. Most were born in the same region as Stiliyan.

There are no other cases of such illness in this family, that is why I think Stiliyan is a victim of the old communist regime’s lack of information when the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl exploded, and the radioactive cloud came to our country.

Whatever the cause, we wish only the best to Petrov and his family.

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