The Creators of Soccket Have Another Amazing Concept To Benefit The Developing World

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The people behind the innovation that created Soccket, the ball that produces energy as it’s used and can power a LED lamp to the benefit of people in developing countries without access to electricity have a new project set to launch: Ludo, a ball that helps the social conscious among us earn money via an embedded chip that wireless uploads play time to a platform that then allows for distributing that money to various social projects.

The Ludo connects with Play Fund, an online gaming built by Uncharted Play, the company that brought the world Soccket. With money collected from corporate benefactors and the sale price of the ball ($59.99), Uncharted Play turns kicking around a ball into an exercise in helping the world.

Projects to which ball owners can divvy out their “Play Points” include school books, desks, food, vaccines, etc. Because Uncharted Play remains committed to putting the Soccket out into the developing world, meaning it’s not available to the rest of us, the Ludo is the flip side of their efforts, representing a desire on the part of the company to design something for everyone else.

Uncharted Play’s current plan is to have the Ludo available for online purchase in early November.

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