The Dynamo Lost The MLS Cup, But At Least Their Weird Rallying Cry Got On The Today Show

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

One of the stranger parts of the Houston Dynamo’s run to the MLS Cup final was the sudden emergence of the rallying cry “NOODLE TIME” among the faithful. What does it mean, you ask? I have no idea, I reply, mostly because I’m too lazy to go beyond a basic Google search, and message board threads are yucky. It might just be down to one random sign held by a Dynamo fan in Chicago when Houston beat the Fire in the first round of the playoffs. And now it’s on the Today Show. Hooray?

Image credit @itisnoodletime

Here are some images that seem to be the source of all of this nonsense.

In the end LA’s “Glamour Time” (I just made that up. Like it? If you sell t-shirts, I want a cut) beat Houston’s “Noodle Time”, but I don’t see anyone dressed in Galaxy colors standing behind Al Roker on national television. Take that, MLS Cup champions.


Okay, so the sign in the photo a game somewhere (I took it to be the playoff game in Chicago) is EXACTLY THE SAME SIGN as the one that appeared on The Today Show. Is it the same guy? It’s hard to tell, but I think that’s a reasonable assumption. So who is that guy? Why “Noodle Time”? Is he a being from a higher dimension trying to tell us something? Why do I suddenly crave raman?

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