The Email Stylings of Dan Borislow, The Man Who Got His WPS Franchise Kicked Out of the League

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Dan Borislow, the internet phone-hawking, three-wheeling, possibly insane owner of Women Professional Soccer’s magicJack FC finally succeeded in burning nuking all bridges with those running the league and had his franchise summarily dissolved last month. Thanks to our friends at Deadspin, we now have a better idea of why. Borislow redefined “difficult to work with.”

Deadspin published several emails today, which reveal Borislow to be demanding, abusive, crude, sexist, racist, and semi-literate, among other things.

Prior to the team’s first season in South Florida after Borislow purchased the team and moved it from Washington, the league operations manager emailed him to ask where the team would be playing. You know, an important piece of information WPS probably needs…

Borislow’s response defies all logic.

The fans are my problem, are you are doing is bugging me and not offering to help.Please pass this on to Fitz [T. Fitz Johnson, Chairman of WPS’s Board of Governors] and see how he thinks you should be dealing with me.Right now,you are a royal pain in the ass…..Dan

In May, Borislow violated a suspension as head coach. When informed of that fact by then-commissioner Anne-Marie Eileraas, Borislow threatened to sue, threatened to fire Eileraas (a power which he did not have, naturally), and questioned her credentials as an attorney.

I was not at field level or on the field and you will be getting sued… I request an appeal which I know is fruitless because you are an idiot.

I wil fire you soon enough. Are you a licensed lawyer or not and when did you take your recent tests. You are nothing more than a fraud and incompetent.

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

It goes on from there, including such gems as Borislow’s defamation of the Atlanta team as “ghetto”, his repeated promises to sue the league, and his labeling of league sponsors, with whom he refused to cooperate, as “mobsters.”

Many of the emails were part of a filing by WPS in response to Borislow’s request for a temporary injunction to prevent the league from shutting down his team.

If Dan Borislow was a television character in anything other than a daytime soap opera, no one would find him believable. But there he is, in real life, calling people with whom he’s voluntarily joined in the effort to make women’s professional soccer work in the United States things like “infidels.”


For the full rundown of Borislow insanity, head over to Deadspin.

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