‘The Four Year Plan’ Wins Top Award At Kicking & Screening 2012

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The Four Year Plan, a behind-the-scenes looks at the aftermath of the takeover of Queens Park Rangers by billionaire owners and their four year struggle to lift the club to former glories won this year’s “Golden Whistle” award as the top film of the Kicking & Screening soccer film festival in New York.

A jury of soccer broadcaster Arlo White, former reality star Ethan Zohn, former MLSer and US international turned KICKTV star Jimmy Conrad, New York Red Bulls Vice-President of Communications Jurgen Mainka, and K+S co-founder Rachel Markus judged The Four Year Plan to be the best of those films shown at this year’s festival.

The Four Year Plan beat out a collection of films that included the premier of Gringos at the Gate, a film about the USA-Mexico soccer rivalry, 1:1 Thierry Henry, about the French’s stars big move to MLS, El Clasico, a film about the Real Madrid-Barcelona rivalry, The Last Proletarians of Football, the amazing story of how Sven Goran Eriksson’s semi-pro Swedish side won the 1982 UEFA Cup, and Rivals: Celtic vs. Rangers.

The jury praised The Four Year Plan for it’s candid peek behind the curtain at an English club on the make.

“A once-in-a-lifetime window for fans to see what happens inside a club over a four-year time period. My only wish would be to see some of the footage that was filmed, but not included!”

“A fly-on-the-wall Football drama is played out with regular comedic interludes.”

“The Four Year Plan represents exactly what we look for in football, film, and football films: Even when we know how the match/story should end, we are held captive to how the story is played out, and each angle captures unique moments.”

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