The Fraunhofer Institute Unveils The Ultimate Technology For Tracking Player Performance

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

At the world’s largest trade fair for digital IT and telecommunications, CeBIT, the Fraunhofer Institute unveiled technology that could conceivably revolutionize player assessment. Chips with radio transmitters in the ball and attached to each player combined with an array of twelve receivers will allow for comprehensive measurement of…well…everything.

A collection of 12 receivers around a stadium measures the players’ position 200 times a second and the ball’s position 2,000 times a second, said Ingmar Bretz, a project leader.

“You can distinguish between good and bad players in real time,” he said, by gauging how fast they’re running, how far they’ve run, how much time they’re in possession of the ball. It’s geared not just for the audience but also for trainers,” he added.

The system, called RedFIR, has a precision of just centimeters horizontally and tens of centimeters vertically.

If the data from this technology was to be made universally public (something isn’t happening for the data collected on the game right now), the possibilities for sabremetric-style number crunching for soccer are nearly endless. The, finally, soccer will have it’s era of the superfan.

Hey, there’s a video. Anyone speak German?

Source: CNET

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