‘The Game and the People’: A Brazilian Football Museum Exhibit Available On Google Cultural Institue

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The Google Cultural Institute features museum exhibits and collections from all over the world, as part of Google’s stated aim to put the whole of human knowledge online. Google recently added an exhibit from Sao Paulo’s “Museo de Futebol” to the Cultural Institute archives, a collection that explores the origins of soccer in Brazil and tracks the game’s history from its club beginnings in the late 19th century through the professionalization of the sports in the 20th.

The tells the story of Charles Miller, an English immigrant who help popularize the game in Brazil, before exploring the early history of the game in one of the world’s most soccer-passionate nations through photos, videos, and written history.

To view the exhibit, visit the Google Cultural Institute. The Museo de Futebol has contributed other items, including posters and photos from Brazil’s cultural past, to the Google effort.

The Google Cultural Institute also allows users to “save” content from exhibits like “The Game and the People” to put into their own galleries.

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