The Hex: Jamaica Steals A Point In Mexico On Bob Marley’s Birthday, U.S. Loses, Bikes On Bikes

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The final round of CONCACAF World Cup 2014 qualification began yesterday, with six teams launching their campaigns to earn a spot in the field of 32 in Brazil next year. All three games of the first match day brought surprises, but Jamaica’s scoreless draw with Mexico at the vaunted Estadio Azteca stands out as the shock result of the day. Meanwhile, the United States lost a lead and the game in Honduras—in part because of a stunning overhead-kick goal—and Costa Rica erased a two-goal deficit to draw Panama with a bicycle kick of their own. CONCACAF! Catch the fev— it’s fantastic!

Here are the highlights of the US loss to Honduras blargity blargh. Deuce with the opener. Nice bike, Mr. Garcia.

And Costa Rica’s comeback draw against Panama, who was up 2-0 on the Ticos. Nice bike, Mr. Ruiz.

There was a bike in the Mexico-Jamaica game as well, but since it was of the defensive variety we don’t really care all that much. But it was part of the Reggae Boyz surprising draw with the prohibitive favorites to win the Hex, a game that actually saw Jamaica waste two good chances that could have had them walking out of the Azteca with all three points. And on Bob Marley’s birthday no less! I mean, he’s dead so he couldn’t really enjoy it, but the announcers on ESPN’s English-language broadcast sure got some run out of it.

After the shocking draw, Mexican defender Franciso Javier “Maza” Rodriguez wasn’t in the mood for cameras.

The best part isn’t Maza flipping the bird. The best part is his shitty attempt to pass the buck.

“I have an injured finger,” Rodriguez told Televisa Deportes. “It was not intentional. We have a yellow press in Mexico, and they’ll do whatever they can to sell newspapers.”

Newspapers like this?

Ah, Mexico. You so crazy.

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