The History Of FIFA Is Coming To Film Starring Gerard Depardieu

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

French film legend Gerard Depardieu will play a FIFA president in a French production set to explore the history of the organization and its role in helping to make soccer the most popular sport in the world. No, not Sepp Blatter (though the two are buddies), but FIFA’s third president, Frenchman Jules Rimet. Rimet oversaw the creation of the World Cup and whose name was on the World Cup trophy until 1970.

While it’s not necessary for an actor to look exactly like the real life person he’s portraying, let’s do a side-by-side of Depardieu and Rimet and see how they stack up.


When they make the a film about the history of FIFA under Sepp Blatter’s stewardship, it’s likely to be a much different film. More of a mafia-style picture, with Sepp at the top of a pyramid of corruption, greed, exploitation, etc., etc. Think “The Untouchables” but with a stupider Al Capone. Leading candidate for the role of Blatter is a 75-year old Jonah Hill.

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