The Japanese Made A Video With A Super Great Goalkeeping Toilet

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Because they’re Japanese, I guess? This is supposed to be some sort of “green collaboration project” so maybe the goalkeeping toilet is actually a water-saving toiler and the goalkeeping thing is just a clever way to get attention. Maybe. There’s also a decent chance that the toilet does actually keep goal.

Two companies named Toto (one is TOTO and one is toto) joined forces to create this toilet. I think. That’s what they say anyway. This whole thing is very confusing, and the website doesn’t help.

From the…mouth of the toilet:

“I’m gonna make saves from any kind of shot!
Goal keepers all over the world envy me!

By the way, world-class goal keepers might be born with the aid of toto!”

“Girls will be fascinated with my clean, beautiful body that shines whenever it is. As they might burst into tears, please do not target my body.

By the way, the toilet bowl is smooth to a nanolevel, and the ion power avoids from being soiled.”

“With two cameras placed on the goalpost, I will predict every course of the shot! It’s is my secret that Knuckle Shot is my weak point because it’s hard to observe.

By the way, if you’re good at predicting, I recommend you try toto to tryout your skill!”

“As soon as I recognize the ball, I will tilt my body and shoot the gloves!
Sorry guys that my reflexes are so exceptional!

By the way, a game to experience my reflexes has been under development! It will be launched next week. Don’t miss it!”

“I’m shooting out gloves as I do not want to get my body soiled! Again, do not target my body, plealse! I mean it.

By the way, Neorest AH, the design basis of S.G.T.K, rinses off bacteria for 99% on the inner side of the toilet every time it’s used with Kirei-Jokin Water (bacteria-free rinsing water.)”

There’s a game (presumably where you play as the toilet keeper) and the thing has a Facebook page with 1,500 likes.

I don’t know either.

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