The LBF Fall/Winter Line Takes America’s Cult Soccer Lifestyle Label To The Next Level

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

When we last checked in with soccer fashion label Live Breathe Futbol, Ebun and the boys were offering some of the coolest t-shirts on the market, but there was little besides the creativity to distinguish an LBF product from the multitude of other t-shirt makers hocking their wares to American soccer fans. Well, that’s all changed with LBF’s Fall/Winter 2012 line.

While the “F” in “LBF” was always evident, the new line expands the brand into new territory, bringing the “L” and “B” to the fore, allowing creative director Ebun Olaloye to offer American fans a range of depth I can’t remember any American soccer line matching previously.

The new line offers five items, a focused sampling of the LBF vision. There’s a t-shirt (a classy grey v-neck), an LBF scarf, a crew neck sweater, a “Cruyff turn” hoodie (a throwback to the player-centric LBF tees), and my personal favorite, the winger’s track top. While the scarf was designed in the US but produced in England, the other four are wholly designed and made in the USA.

Although you could envision just about any American soccer fan donning these pieces, the core demographic is obvious. Your typical LBF customers are going to be relatively young, urban student/professional types. The culturally in-tune tastemakers. In other words, the exact groups Major League Soccer has been chasing in recent years.

Oh, and they made a kickass promo vid to show off the new line. You should probably watch it.

Click here to shop for the Live Breathe Football Fall/Winter Line. There’s a discount if you get the full-line package.

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