The Minnesota Stars Away Shirt Has Numbers Made From Photos of Fans

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

There aren’t too many firsts left in the world of kits, but we’re pretty sure this is one*. The Minnesota Stars, famous for singing Wonderwall after wins during last year’s title run, have unveiled their 2012 uniforms. The away version is particularly notable because the numbers are composed of entirely photos of fans cheering on the team.

From the team’s website:

For 2012, the team will carry its fans on the road with it, but the tribute to the loyal supporters’ group doesn’t stop there. Every customized digit in the numbers features imagery from the team’s playoff run in 2011. Each digit uses a different crowd photograph within a thick navy stroke to show off and celebrate the best fans in the NASL.

*KCKRS reader @GeorgeRafael pointed out that Atletico Madrid incorporates photos of fans into their numbers. For Atletico’s shirts fans pay for the honor. The photos are tiny thumbnail head shots.

Source: Minnesota Stars

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