The New York Cosmos to Face Manchester United in Paul Scholes Testimonial

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Let’s pretend: You’re the New York Cosmos. You’re on the look out for ways let people to know you’re back. What do you do?

Taking the job as opponent in Paul Scholes’ August testimonial is one way to go. The Cosmos just announced that they’ll be facing off against Scholes’ Manchester United at Old Trafford, with a team made up of special invitees. It will be the first senior match for a team carrying the Cosmos’ name in 25 years.

Honestly, it’s a brilliant way to breathe more life into the revived Cosmos. A team of actual players – likely with a legend or two or three – decked out in the new jersey Umbro produced. Suddenly, the idea of the Cosmos becomes tangible. There’s something to point to and call “The Cosmos.” Winning obviously isn’t the point, but would be a nice benefit. News outlets and soccer sites will report that “Manchester United played the New York Cosmos…”

No one has uttered a sentence like that in a very long time.

The skeptical will remain skeptical until the Cosmos are an active team in an actual league. But let’s not pretend that the club doesn’t have a profile unlike anything else produced by American soccer, or should just sit at home and wait for MLS to call. Playing Manchester United while also bringing Cantona home, glizting and glamoring it up with the likes of Pele et al, isn’t something many teams from this side of the pond could manage. If the Cosmos have the clout to get their name on the lips of millions of fans around the world, more power to them.

It definitely looks like there’s a plan in place over at the Cosmos offices. Forget the cynicism and enjoy the ride.

If the Cosmos are good enough for Paul Scholes, they’re probably good enough for the rest of us.

“This is going to be a big night for me and my family, but one which I intend to enjoy and I will savour every moment. I have spent my whole footballing life at Manchester United, so this will be an emotional farewell. This club is special in many ways, but the fans are the best and I have always appreciated their support throughout my career. I hope they enjoy the night, especially seeing the Boss and Eric battling it out in front of the dug outs.”


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