The New York Times Just Called You A Hipster, Whatever That Means

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

When the news broke last week that Fox had outbid ESPN for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup rights, every major media outlet in the country rushed to get their own perspective out there, about just why a network would pay so much to show soccer to Americans. According to an “expert” quoted by The New York Times, it’s because we’re “hipsters.”

To help explain why Americans would want to watch a game where you can’t even use your hands, the old gray lady brought in soccer columnist and author David Hirshey. He defines the viewing audience as such:

“In the U.S., the game has always spoken to all the hyphenated Americans — German, Italian, Mexican, etc. But now it crosses demographic lines, having been embraced by high-definition-TV-watching suburban teens and 20- to 40-year-old hipsters with disposable income.”

That’s immigrants, suburban kids, and “hipsters.” Actually, last time we checked, a 20-40 year old with disposable income was more accurately termed a “yuppie,” so we looked “hipster” up online. Although there seems to be a loosely defined consensus, it’s a word that’s been applied to so many disparate groups the label has been rendered almost meaningless. It seems that the only thing anyone can agree on is that they’re not one.

Before long, the definition will include just about everyone on the planet, and they’ll rename the species Hipster Sapiens. Is that what you want, New York Times? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?

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