The NSC Minnesota Stars’ Landlords Tore Down Their Beer Garden Just Before They Need It Most

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Soccer and beer. They go together like no two things go together, a beautiful symbiosis of pleasures that make for a perfect day out at a game. Why then, would an NASL team preparing to host a playoff game tear down the beer garden that provides not only a place for soccer fans to enjoy beer, but a home for the rowdiest (and therefore most valuable) fans the team has?

They didn’t. Their landlords did.

The NSC Minnesota Stars, a member of the 8-team North American Soccer League (that’s the second division of American and Canadian soccer) recently returned from an road trip to find the beer garden at the NSC Stadium demolished. Apparently the National Sports Center, which provides a place for the league-run Stars to play, decided to take down the beer garden as part of a new project in the complex where the stadium sits.

Stars CEO Djorn Buchholz did what any good CEO would do. He passed the buck. In a statement issued before the Stars won to their final regular season game to qualify for the playoffs, he indicated that the Stars didn’t have any say in when the beer garden came down.

“We want to be clear with our fans that we had no say in the timing of this project or the decision to remove the beer garden altogether,” said Buchholz in a press statement released this afternoon. “We’re disappointed and surprised that the beer garden had to come down now as opposed to at the end of the season, and we’re working with the National Sports Center on a temporary way to emulate that atmosphere should the Stars qualify for the league semifinals and host a playoff game.”

Those bastards at the NSC couldn’t have waited a few weeks? Taking away fans’ beer garden just before the playoffs is cruel, not to mention potentially detrimental to the atmosphere in the stadium. People drinking beer are louder. That’s a scientific fact.

Source: IMSoccer News

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