The Official Brazil 2014 Instrument Is Called The ‘Caxirola’, Is Way Better Than The Vuvuzela

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The Official Brazil 2014 Instrument Is Called The ‘Caxirola’, Is Way Better Than The Vuvuzela

Jason Davis, April 26, 2013

…which is not a high bar. This video shows the caxirola at the official unveiling of the instrument as the official instrument of Brazil 2014, and it does sound pleasant in a “hey, that’s just a pair of maracas without handles” sort of way. Wait, why does a World Cup need an official instrument? Even if the caxirola is better than the vuvuzela (again, not a high bar), did we learn nothing from South Africa? Fans have hands to clap and voices with which to sing and cheer. IS THAT NOT ENOUGH?

“I am convinced that the caxirola is not only compatible with football, but it is also a symbol of our country’s huge capacity to offer a much better instrument that the vuvuzela,” Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said this week.

Dilma, my good friend. IT’S NOT A HIGH BAR.

Made of recycled plastic and designed by Brazilian star musician and songwriter Carlinhos Brown, the caxirola is said to produce a harmonious rattling sound when shaken.

At least it’s green. I’m sure Carlinhos (guessing that’s him in the video) is a nice guy with good intentions who just wants to spread the joy of the Brazilian love of music around the world.

But why does the World Cup need an official instrument again?

By the way, any Portuguese word that has an “x” in it is literally impossible for a non-Portuguese speaker to say correctly, so I have no idea how “caxirola” is pronounced. When I try, it sounds like a disease of the upper intestine or an exotic endangered rodent native to the Pacific Northwest.

Source: France24

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