The Pele Sports Trinity 3E is Like a Shark Stepping on a Radioactive Snail

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Up until now, Pele Sports was known for releasing classic looking Pele inspired stuff with the occasional bit of flash as is required for anything that is inspired by Brazil. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Pele Sports announced the proverbial kick in the face that is the Trinity 3E boot. Sharp design in a simple looking package that backs a lot of tech make the Trinity one of most exciting new entries to the footwear market.

The best way to describe the look of the Trinity is to compare it to a tiger shark that has a stealth bomber paint job. But wait, that’s not all. As that stealth shark is stepping/swimming/wriggling onto the pitch, it crushes a big, radioactive snail that coats the shark’s underside in neon green ooze. Picturing it? Yep.

The boots are extremely light, coming in at 170 grams (just 5 more than the adidas F50 adiZero) and have a new stud design that promises to accelerate the wearer’s reactions speeds off the ground, improve traction, and help prevent rolled ankles.

That video makes you feel a bit like you just licked that snail, doesn’t it?

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