The President Of A Colombian Club Called Players Of Today ‘Prositutes’

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Not a day goes by—especially during the transfer window—when modern footballers aren’t called “mercenaries” by one person or another. The money in the game and the shortness of a professional career has created a critical mass of avarice and disloyalty. Transfer sagas inevitably end with emotionally wrecked fan bases cursing further enriched footballers. But maybe “mercenaries” isn’t strong enough a word to describe modern players. How about “prostitutes”? That’s what they’re calling them in Colombia.

Here’s the original Spanish from Itagui president Fernando Salazar, whose club, like many in Colombia, is dealing with financial struggles:

“Desde la época en que jugaba fútbol el escenario era muy distinto para los equipos. Los jugadores éramos activos del equipo y no había el famoso sindicato, pero eso cambió. Hoy los jugadores se burlan de los equipos como empresa y tiran al canasto el patrimonio de nuestros hijos. Los jugadores de hoy son unas prostitutas vestidas de uniforme de fútbol. Con absoluta tristeza lo digo, y se venden al mejor postor (…). Lo que me parece grave es que se repitan situaciones como esta con un equipo como Millonarios y que de pronto se esté abusando de la buena fe del presidente (Felipe Gaitán). Sé que es un hombre educado en Harvard y que de fútbol poco conoce, porque esto es más de nosotros los de la calle”.

And the important part for us English-only assholes:

“the players of today are prostitutes dressed up in soccer jerseys.”

I think prostitutes typically use more rouge*, but I get what Senor Salazar is trying to say. Not the most delicate way to say it, of course.

“The players tease with management and throw to the trash the heritage of our sons…selling themselves to the highest bidder,” he said in the same speech.

South American football melodrama is the best, even after Salazar backed of a bit and claimed the “prostitutes” comment was taken out of context.

Sure it was. It would probably be wrong for me to suggest that Fernando (a former player himself) might be familiar with the nature of prostitutes because he’s spent some time around them. Definitely wrong.

*I’m not entirely sure I know what rouge is.

Source: Colombia Reports

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