The Colorado Rapids Head Coach and Technical Director Don’t Like Each Other, Which Might Be a Problem

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

We’ve always kind of accepted that working with people you don’t entirely get along with was always a part of functioning in a professional environment and working with other people (Why else do I still have a job?). Well, apparently not if you’re the reigning MLS Cup Champions.

As it turns out, Colorado Rapids technical director Paul Bravo and head coach Gary Smith, the brain trust behind the ugliest route-one soccer in MLS history an unlikely Cinderella story about a plucky small market club,  really don’t like each other.

Despite the attempts of managing director  Jeff Plush to dress it up, it sounds like an old fashioned power struggle to us.

When you have a head coach and a technical director, they’re going to have differences of opinion on players.

Or as head coach Gary smith puts it:

Without going into a lot of details, there’s a lot of water gone under the bridge now with our decisions that have been made, choices that have come about, working environment and personalities.

And listen, I wouldn’t say it was totally Paul’s fault that we don’t get on. There has to be two sides to that story.

The reality is that when people don’t work together well, you tend to miss out on certain things. Things fall through cracks.

If we can find some common ground and work together, I’m not shutting the door on that, but if we can’t and the ultimate answer is, ‘No, it doesn’t work,’ then there has to be a decision on one or the other. It wouldn’t be right for the club, it wouldn’t work for me, the team wouldn’t be and couldn’t be as successful as possible. So that doesn’t fit into my plans.

In other words, “Let me do my job or get rid of me.”

No word yet on who gets to keep Conor Casey in the event of a divorce.

Full Story: Denver Post

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