The Rasenreich Ball Will Help You Train Your Skills, Looks Ridiculous

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

When I was playing high school ball, we had a training scenario similar to this, only instead of hi-tech gear, it was caused by what we called a “Fishtown bounce” which resulted mainly from training on absolutely terrible fields.

Inventor Mario Sinnhofer claims his unconventional balls help develop players’ ability to react to unexpected bounces taken by the balls, and follow a sports theory called “differentiated training,” as he told

Over the years I got to know the right people, they told me that there is a theory backing this, called differentiated training. This theory is used in many sports — for example in skiing, Austrians are very proud of their skiers. Downhill skiers train with a very long ski on the left foot and a short one on the right foot. They simulate very extreme situations by mixing these skis. It makes skiers have bigger ideas of patterns of movement — things that you save in your brain and use later. So I realized the balls I was making could be a real fit for the market.

It was clear that I had to have footballers play with these. I did some testing with some lower leagues and then tried some with professional teams. Franz Mayer, a professional skiing coach and sport-kinesiologist, contacted me and wanted to include the balls in his training routines, priming young football players.

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