The Red Bulls Will Give You A Free Jersey Just For Coming To A Game

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The New York Red Bulls could use an attendance bump. Though they’ve got the fifth highest average in the league (we’ll ignore any rumors of inflated numbers), the fact that they can’t sell out consistently despite having one of the best facilities in the league, being in the continent’s biggest media market, and boasting one of the highest payrolls in MLS history is cause for disappointment. Finally, though, they’ve got the solution: free jerseys just for buying a ticket.

The Red Bulls’ average attendance for the season so far is reported to be 19,356. In most cities, that would be a welcome figure, but not in New York. With 25,189 seats, that’s almost a quarter of a $200 million stadium left unused every game.

With their playoff hopes in the balance, the final game of the regular season against conference rivals Philadelphia could be a crucial game for the Red Bulls. So to ensure fans get out to support their team on a notoriously poorly attended weekday fixture, the Red Bulls are offering a free replica jersey to anyone who buys a midfield or sideline ticket for the clash.

Given that a month ago, the Red Bulls hiked prices on a number of season tickets, some by as much as 200% (no, that’s not a typo. Two hundred percent), giving away thousands of dollars worth of merchandise to single-game buyers seems sure to rankle the die-hard fans.


Attendance numbers here.

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