The Russian FA’s Response To Pep Guardiola Rumors Was Fantastic

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Slow Fridays are slow, but here’s a bit of interesting news: Rumors are linking ex-Barca head man Pep Guardiola with the vacant Russia national team managerial position. Supposedly, Pep is headed to Moscow today to have a chat with the RFU (he might already be there for all we know) over a few details after having already signed a contract with former RFU head Sergay Fursenko, who retired last week. It’s quite a doozy of a rumor.

But that’s not the best part, because who the hell knows if Pep is actually interested in the job, or if he’s in Moscow (he’s supposed to be on sabbatical with his family in New York, which leads me to wonder why we [Americans] would allow him to leave…I mean, what?). The best part was RFU press secretary Nikolay Komarov’s response to the rumor:

“We have Guardiola arriving tomorrow, Jose Mourinho – the day after tomorrow and Sir Alex Ferguson on Monday, I wonder what name will appear in the media next,” he told RIA-Novosti news agency. “Seriously, the previous leadership of the RFU had no contact with potential candidates for the position of the Russian national team head coach. As soon as we know his name, all information will appear on the Union’s official website.”

I haven’t known too many Russians. Are they always that brilliantly sarcastic?

For what it’s worth, Pep’s agent is having none of the Russia rumors, either.

“Josep hasn’t received any proposals from the RFU,” he told Izvestia newspaper. “I don’t know where such information came from. It’s out of the question. Guardiola is now with his family in New York and intends to stay in the US for another year and only then get back to work.”

Yeah, chill in New York for a year (or more), Pep. Actually, while you’re there, why not coach some youth teams, you know, just for the hell of it? It’s not like we expect your magical touch to turn any of our American kids into Messi or anything.

Nope, that’s not something I can’t get out of my head right this second…


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