The San Jose Earthquakes’ New Promotional Tool Is Something Called ‘Augmented Reality’

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Check out this digital age fanciness. The San Jose Earthquakes have teamed up with a company called Aurasma to create “augmented reality” content for the visual Ausrasma browser. When a smart device with the browser is pointed at an Earthquakes logo, a video featuring a message from Chris Wondolowski and game highlights automatically plays.

The Quakes also plan to hand out players card to fans that will prompt dedicated videos with the Aurasma browser.

Using the app, the Quakes logo transforms into a video of Wondolowski before the fans’ eyes, bringing sports promotion into the bold new world of augmented reality. Wherever the Quakes logo is seen, whether it is a magnet on a fridge, a poster in a bedroom or someone wearing a player’s jersey, fans can unlock game highlights and access exclusive promotions. The videos, called an “Aura,” and promotions will change over the course of the season to keep fans engaged.

Also, fans attending Quakes game will be able to aim their device at the San Jose Earthquakes player cards distributed to attendees in the free game program to view a special player video. Every game, the collectable player card features a different team member, and the Aura will bring that player to life on the fan’s mobile device or tablet, allowing the player to personally share his hobbies, history, hopes and aspirations.

Aurasma is a “radical piece of new technology” that “(brings) the physical and virtual worlds together.” Essentially, it’s a QR code reader for real items. Using all of the available technology in your smartphone or tablet, it cobbles together enough of an understanding of the real world to do stuff like play a video when you “scan” the San Jose Earthquakes logo.

Which is pretty cool, if totally random.


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