The Second Fastest Growing Boy’s Name In America Is “Iker”

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

It’s no surprise that people name their kids after celebrities; we tend to honor, even subconsciously, those we respect and admire. We at KCKRS took it as proof that soccer is growing when the baby name “Landon” climbed up the charts. But for one of America’s fastest climbers, parents are going a bit further afield than the Home Depot Center: the Santiago Bernabeu.

According to this chart from the Washington Times, the second fastest climbing boy’s name in the US from 2010 to 2011 was none other than “Iker.” Considering that 2010 was the summer Iker Casillas captained Spain to its first World Cup title, we’re inclined to believe that he (and perhaps, to a far lesser extent, Spanish wonderkid Iker Muniain) is responsible, rather than a bunch of parents in the USA all independently deciding that their kid should bear a Basque name.

Full Story: Washington Times

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