The Stupidest Thing You’ll See Today Involves England Fans Protesting Sol Campbell

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Prior to Euro 2012, former England international Sol Campbell suggested England fans shouldn’t go to the tournament. Sol said black England fans would “go home in coffins” if they made the trip, playing up fears of racial violence in Poland and Ukraine. Maybe Sol overstated things a bit, influenced by the hysteria of the BBC’s Panorama piece on stadium racism in the host countries. Was it enough to warrant this reaction from England fans who did go to the tourney? Noooopppppeeee.

Yes, that’s a group of England fans, including some of color, staging a protest against Campbell. They’re carrying a “coffin” and singing “We’re going home in a coffin.” Yes, it’s a ridiculous and unnecessary response to Campbell’s warning, whether he was right, wrong, or somewhere in between.

Almost makes you want to root for Ukraine today.

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