The Top Villain of the Decade Is A Certain Swiss Gentleman You Might Know

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Being name the top villain of the last decade is a very serious thing indeed. There are some truly terrible people in this world. That said, it surprises no one that Sepp Blatter won this title.

In the poll conducted by SyFy of 2000 people to promote an upcoming superhero series in the UK, Blatter beat out former RBS chairman Sir Fred Goodwin, Ashley Cole, and Ryan Giggs (aka The Cheaters).

Sepp I get, and I guess Goodwin is the face of the economic crisis, but Ashley Cole and Ryan Giggs? For a little infidelity? On a list of the top celebrity villains of the decade? Ok…Whatever. But if that’s the standard, I demand to know why John Terry didn’t make the list.

There was also a “hero” aspect to the poll. Top of that list was President Obama, followed by David Beckham. David Beckham, the second greatest hero of the last decade.

Barack Obama became the first black president in the history of the United States. His election is an event that will reverberate across centuries.

David Beckham looked pretty and nailed in some sweet crosses.

And that’s how you know the poll was conducted across the pond.

Source: Soccernet

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