The Tottenham Ultras Vow To ‘Love the Shirt’ Travel To Support Youth Side

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The Tottenham Ultras Vow To ‘Love the Shirt’ Travel To Support Youth Side

Jason Davis, March 2, 2012

There really isn’t much to criticize about the Tottenham Ultras movement or the support they gave to Spurs’ youth side in the FA Youth Cup fifth round at Charlton on February 16th. So the video is a little over-the-top; part-and-parcel of this type of campaign is a bit of conceit.

The video is the finished product of the Tottenham Ultras movement, originally initiated by the guys behind the Spurs podcast “The Fighting Cock.” Two hundred and fifty Tottenham fans made the trip to The Valley in an active attempt fight against the “sterilised” atmosphere that has infected the Premier League thanks to rampant commercialization.

We sung our hearts out. Every minute flew by as the passion carried us through a tight and scrappy affair. Tightly packed in the corner of the stand, in front of a blue and white Banner that simply stated ‘FOLLOW’, surrounded by cowbells, horns, and flags, we sung. Not even the confiscation of our marching drum – ordered especially from Germany at no small cost – could quell the tide of Tottenham euphoria. It was truly an amazing thing to be involved in, and no doubt bear witness to.

The Spurs academy kids lost 1-0, but the Tottenham Ultras campaign was deemed a success.

The Fighting Cock via The FCF

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