The USA Legends Dos-A-Cero-ed Mexico And Eric Wynalda Is Super Happy About It

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

2-0, or “dos a cero,” is a special scoreline for the US national team. It was the gauntlet laid down at La Guerra Fria, when the USA knocked two past Mexico on a freezing Ohio night in 2001  to set the tone for a decade of continental dominance. It was the statement made at the 2002 World Cup, when the USA again dispatched El Tri, this time en route to its best international performance since the Depression. And last night, some US legends laid down another unanswered pair on their former opponents.

I hesitate to call it an “old-timers’ game,” because the fact is, these guys are probably still better at soccer than anyone reading (or writing) this, but a group of retired US stars, including Cobi Jones, Eric Wynalda, Alexi Lalas, and Brian McBride, tallied a very familiar scoreline against a counterpart Mexican team including the likes of Jared Borghetti and Jorge Campos.

And Eric Wynalda was really excited about the win:

Aw, bless. Our only nit-pick: why wasn’t this televised? Or at least live-streamed?

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