The World Cup Legacy Kind Of Sucks For Poor South Africans

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The worst thing about FIFA is when it convinces governments to be complicit in its unashamed graft, building new stadiums the country can’t afford and doesn’t need, exempting FIFA from paying any kind of tax on the billions it earns through World Cups, and forcibly removing residents for being undermining the clean, utopian image the nation’s leaders are trying to project.

But high-minded rhetoric about the moral failings of FIFA can be, and often are, lost in the shuffle, anecdotes dismissed as just another example of FIFA’s influence without accountability.

Which is a shame for the residents of Blikkiesdorp, who were ejected from their homes and moved far away from their livelihoods to keep them out of the public spotlight when the World’s gaze shifted to South Africa last summer.


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