The World’s Finest Own Goal Courtesy of Hong Kong’s 1st Division

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

I never would have thought Hong Kong’s domestic league would make international air waves like it has today. I played a season and a bit on two occasions in HKFA’s 1st division strictly cause I was young and had no real job prospects lined up after university. I definitely don’t regret the time there, but let’s face it, plying your trade in a league ranked 168th in the world is not going to pay the bills in old age.

However, following some serious antics this past weekend, all of a sudden the HK 1st division is in the spotlight. Arguably the worst FIFA-ranked team with its own professional league, Citizen captain Festus was made the villain (or new Internet meme) late into a weekend fixture against Sun Hei. The Nigerian captain managed to catch some serious air and scorpion flick a looping ball over his keeper.

The action starts at 0:47.

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