There Is Going To Be A Book About Football Manager Addiction

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

If you’re anything like us here at KCKRS, your professional career, social life, and circadian rhythms have all suffered at the whims of the monumental time-suck known colloquially as “FM.” But is there enough “Football Manager ruined me as a person” material out there to write a book about? These guys think so.

Publisher BackPage Press will be releasing a book this summer about people whose lives were ruined by their addiction to the seminal, glorified football-themed spreadsheet, which turns 20 this year (Still a shorter career than Ryan Giggs). Creatively, it will be titled “Football Manager Stole My Life.” And they want your stories.

So far, they’ve garnered some pretty fascinating (pathetic) tales of FM addiction…

  • A recovering heart surgery patient who smuggled a lap top into the hospital ward, causing a medical emergency when his team scored a late equaliser in a derby match
  • A student who tracked down his favourite non-league FM legend on social media to inform him that he was destined for the EPL and international stardom
  • An FM ‘intervention’ when concerned flat-mates held their friend down and broke his disc after a ‘lost weekend’ on FM

…but they want more, and they want to hear any of your stories. Your sad, desperate stories of addiction to a video game. So if you are still waiting for Cherno Samba to catch on, maybe drop them a line?

More info: FMScout

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