There Is Totally A Juninho-Beckham Bromance Going On In Carson

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Turk and JD. Troy and Abed. Chandler and Joey. Pippin and Merry. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Mark and Keith. History and culture are rife with bromances, close friendships between awesome dudes. And now, there seems to be one blooming in the LA Galaxy locker room.

David Beckham is a global icon in the latter days of his playing career, famed for his ability to strike a ball from distance. Juninho is a skillful Brazilian in his early 20s with a threatening long shot. And if you look at the quotes, it seems like Juninho kinda has a man-crush on the former England captain.

Becks seems complimentary of his midfield protege, saying:

He is one of the reasons I’ve racked up so many assists this year, because he’s freed me up to push forward. We work really well together. He’s a superb player.

Juninho, meanwhile, has plenty more to say on what a swell guy David is, and how it’s totally awesome when Becks tells him he’s looking good.

We get on really well. He’s someone who’s won everything in the game, but even so he’s humble, gives me tips and likes a joke. He’s helped me a lot.

He came over to me and recalled what he’d said to me a while ago now, which was that I should shoot from distance more. He’s always said I’ve got the quality to do that. That’s what he’s like in training too. He jokes that when I get the ball on the edge of the box, there’s only one place it’s going and that’s in the net.

He’s quite a vain guy who dresses well. Even before leaving the dressing room he puts on aftershave and hair products and the lads stand there watching, trying to see how he does it. But I just do my own thing. Sometimes he walks by and says that he likes my clothes, which is a good sign. It means I’ve passed the test!

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