There’s A Thing Called ‘Thibauting’, Which Is Sort Of Like Tebowing

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The latest in photo-posing crazes (which we’re still doing, apparently), is something called “Thibauting.” The idea is to pose as though you’re making a save, just like Thibaut Courtois, Chelsea’s Belgian keeper currently on loan to Atletico Madrid. Courtois is putting on a show in Spain, and the fans have chosen to honor him by turning a diving Thibaut-like pose into the new planking. So…prepare for the awesomeness!

You get the picture. Check out the Tumblr if you want to see more.

I honestly think this only happened because the pronunciations of “Thibaut” and “Tebow” are so similar. So it’s clever in that way even if it’s also very dumb.

At least Thibaut is getting a kick out of it.

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