There’s A Video To Go With The Infamous Brek Shea Photoshoot And Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Us About This?

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

There’s a photo of new US Soccer it-boy Break Shea that has, in a short time, become legend. It’s become a perfect metaphor for the duality of Brek as a world-class athlete, a national hero in the making, who is at the same time, also a somewhat ditzy good ole boy.

Yeah, that. It’s basically the “Landon Donovan water fountain” picture for the next generation of the USMNT.

So when we found out that there was a video of the photoshoot, complete with several other FC Dallas stars, that had been posted on youtube OVER A FRAKKING YEAR AGO that nobody had bothered to tell us about, we were kinda in shock.

And once we recovered from that, we decided that this must be shared with the world. Or at least, that portion of the world with the good sense to read KCKRS. You’re welcome.

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