These Are Actual Words Actually Written By Dan Borislow

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Beau Dure, simultaneously the tallest and hardest working man in American soccer journalism, posted a story on Sportsmyriad about the legal dispute between WPS and renegade owner Dan Borislow. And guess who showed up to comment?

The following are the exact words actually written by Borislow in the comments section:

Let me hope clarify a few things.We have a deal with the WPS.It’s that easy.I am seeing if we have the transcripts and move this along quicker for everybody who wants to see the deal right away.Obviously whatever took place in court is not confidential.Part of the deal is that we would not disparage one another.I continue to live up to my end of the deal-all of it.You must decide if you think the other side is too.Further,the deal is not at all reliant on the USSF.The USSF was approached to see if they would waive the number of WNT players on our team under certain conditions.WE have options to play with no WNT players all the way up to as many as we want to under certain conditions without any USSF approval at all.There are no impediments to following through on the deal from both sides.This was supposed to be the end of litigation,no more leagal expenses(of which I was told most of them were being donated and/or a large donation would be given by Fulmers firm to the WPS),no more squabling and no uncertainty as it relates to the future of the WPS and magicJack.I suspect that many people will be surprised when they see the transcript and even more surprised when they see todays motion which includes WPS documents that tell a much different story than the one blaming Borislow for everything.I dont know the reason why the WPS is not playing this year,but it’s not because of Borislow.I was very comitted to having a super team this year and supporting womens soccer,exactly like I did when we saved it last year.Nobody should be pointing fingers as all the owners supported soccer costing all of us millions of Dollars.For whatever reason the WPS did not want to play this year and it’s unfortunate,but dont blame it on the guy who saved Womens soccer and was fielding a team this year.I have had many of my players contact me over the last few weeks and told me to hang in there and how sorry they were that I was treated this way.I told them I would do it all over again and never feel sorry for Dan Borislow.I know I did the right thing and did my best,at a huge cost,to try and make Womens soccer succesful for years to come.Sure I was confrontational,but in a crisis situation,you have to get everybody on the same page and quick.Things needed to be shaken up.One of the things I was very much against for the good of the game,was not to play with a half amatuer team when the WNT players from all over the world cant play in the WPS.Of course this doesnt include players like Sarah,Tina,Dalmy and others who could not only play on our own National Team but would start on the other 95% of any other National team if given the chance.I tried everything to make Pros out of amatuers and was making progress until certain things intervened in that process.It was obvious how right I was,when the rest of the best Pros came back after the world cup and our team had games which drew more spectators than ever every place we went.I dont feel guilty about anything,zero.I am very proud that we might have had something to do with the success of the WNT and the US program in general.Everybody needs to stop pointing fingers now and for the moment,figure out how we help our girls get Gold.Next step we can figure out what is best for a Pro league or leagues.I hope I never have to disparage the WPS or citicize anybody ever again and we as a country get on the same page.


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