Think You Get Nervous Watching Your Team? It Might Hospitalize This Man United Fan

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

We all know the symptoms of watching our team in a big game. The nervousness, the irritability, the irrational bargaining with the universe that you’ll volunteer at a soup kitchen for a year that piece of crap striker can luck his way into a goal sometime in the next half hour. Or if you’re like one British fan, the possibility of a coma.

A 58 year-old woman and committed Manchester United fan has been diagnosed with Manchester United induced Addisonian crisis, “a manifestation of Addison’s disease that prevented her body from producing enough of the hormone cortisol to keep her stress in check and could lead to dangerously low blood pressure or even a coma.”

According to Fox News:

Watching her team in a high-stakes matchup at Old Trafford, Manchester United’s home ground, would trigger an episode of “anxiety, palpitations, panic, light headedness and a sense of impending doom,” the doctors said. Her symptoms were especially severe if the game’s outcome came down to the wire.

So does that mean we can all collect disability benefits for putting up with Robbie Findley in 2010?

Full Story: Fox News

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